Barrington BRG-872 $600 (Made by ESP in Japan)

BC Rich Bich $375 (Special edition)

BC Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner Tribute - Import Model $1000

BC Rich Virgin 7 String $1300  (Made in the USA, satin purple finish)

BC Rich Warlock $750 (USA MADE, EMG pickups)

BC Rich Warlock Platinum Pro $525 (NEW)

Carvin DC727 $1000 (when she was ordered from Carvin it was $1468 with these options)

Charvel Pointy Star Body TYPE $550 (contoured arch body, one hum, all gold hard ware, strat head stock)

Cort G290 $550 (Duncan's, Wilkenson, sperzel)

Cort EVL Z6 $600 (NEW, EMG's)

Cort Special Edition $800 (International Sales only)

Dean Soltero $500 (wonderful condition)

Epiphone Les Paul Standard $400 (Left Handed, Flame top, set neck)

ESP Replica $700 (Mighty Mite body, Warmoth neck - pretty large profile, and ESP logo) HOLD

Fender 2006 FSR Palo Escrito Tele $800 (Made in Mexico, NEW, modeled after a 50's vintage tele with a special Mexican hard wood - almost looks like rosewood)

Fender 2006 Telecaster Neck / All Parts Body $1200 (All Parts bound body, Joe Barden pick ups, Glendale bridge, one of the best sounding teles I have ever played)

Fender 2007 Mexican Standard Strocaster $400  (NEW, special addition one hum with flat black paint)

Fender Showmaster $500 (NEW)

Fender Squire 51' $250 (cool guitar that was discontinued - a squire that actually went up in value)

Fender Strat Clone $650 (all Mighty Mite parts, vintage tint lacquered neck - this version never went in to production, this neck was a factory prototype)

Fender Stratocaster Clone $800 (Warmoth neck, ESP or Warmoth body, Fender bridge and tuners, decent pick ups, flat white finish)

Fender Strat Clone $600 (all Mighty Mite parts)

Fernandes Strat Copy LE2 $600 (made in Japan)

Fernandez Vertigo $300 (some one painted the fret board in some areas)

Gibson 1981 Sonex - 180 Deluxe $800

Gibson Les Paul Copy in Acrylic $400

Gretsch Electromatic Special Jet $500 (NEW, Set Neck)

Hamer Slammer Californian $400 (made in Korea, just a finish crack - not in the wood)

Hondo 737 Deluxe Mark II Les Paul Copy $200

Horner HS90SN $300

Ibanez 1978 PF100 $400 (new mighty mite pick ups)

Ibanez GRGA32T $250

Ibanez RG220B $250

Ibanez SV470 $600 (super rare model, good condition, some pitting on hardware)

Ibanez SZ320 $350 (upgraded Mighty Mite hums, scratches and bad ding on top in last pic)

Jackson Dinky Reverse $450

Jackson DK2M $650 (NEW, with Duncans) HOLD

Jackson DKMG $500 (arch top)

JJ Scott $350 (PRS style copy)

Kramer Focus 4000 Rhoads Flying V $400 (added stripes with black pinstripe tape, real floyd)

Kramer Vanguard V $600 (American Series, Might Mite pickups were installed, Schallar Machine heads, OHSC)

Schecter 006 Elite $475

Tokai $600 (looks to be tom Anderson pick ups)

Valley Art California Pro $800 (trans black, gold hard ware, USA made, possible refret - because they are super big, pick ups changed to Dimarzio pick ups)

Washburn P Series $1000  (Custom paint job, USA Made)

Washburn SS40 $500 (finish crack in neck pocket)


































BC Rich Warlock $225 (bronze series with the widow head stock)

Cort DC $225 (mid 80's if I had to guess)

Cort M600 $500

Fender Stratocaster Clone $250 (Mighty Mite neck, Sperzel Tuners)

Fender Strat Clone $600 (all Mighty Mite parts, Abalone dots on an ebony board)

G and L Legacy Premium Tribute $425 (NEW)

Hagstrom HJ600 $800 (NEW, set neck)

Jackson PS1 $250 (neck was swapped out - great tongue oil feel like and old US Jackson) HOLD

Jackson RR3 $800 (used, perfect condition)

Kramer XL II $225

Samick LS-450 $450 (made in Korea in 2000)

Washburn WI-64DL $400 (chip on the back of the neck that was filled in and buffed out, you can't feel it)







Charvel Model 4 $450 (missing the electronics plate and locking nut)

Charvel San Dimas Strat $2000 (NEW - Fender Re-issue, OHSC, one hum)

Charvel San Dimas Warren DiMartini Skull and Cross Bones $2400 (NEW, OHSC)


ESP George Lynch Skull and Snakes $2500 (OHSC. made in 2008, 99.9% perfect)

Fender 1983 American Standard Strat $1000 (USA MADE, added locking machines, top loaded trem, OHSC)

Gibson 2005 SG Special $1000 (SKB case for $70)

Ibanez JS1000 Joe Satriani $1500 (Wonder Condition, Signed by Satriani on the plate and George Lynch on the head stock)

Ibanez RG1570 $900 (super clean, new style prestige case available for $100)

Jackson DK2M $800 (NEW, with EMG's, limited run)

Jackson DK2T $700 (NEW, with Duncans)

Jackson DKMG $450

Jackson DR3 $300

Jackson KV2 $2300  (USA MADE, OHSC, NEW)

Jackson KV2 $2300 (USA MADE, OHSC, NEW)

Jackson KV2 Custom Shop $4000 ("The Machinest" graphic, USA MADE, OHSC, NEW)

Jackson RX10D $500 (NEW, not sure where the plate went, but will have one on there before she sells!)

Jackson SL2HT Custom Shop $3300 (NEW, OHSC)

Kramer Focus 6000 $400 (made in Japan)

Kramer Focus 4000 Rhoads V $600 (Made in Japan, rare head stock)

O'hagen Night Watch Les Paul $1000 (OHSC, here is a great article on O'Hagan Guitars.  This is actually the first and only link that I have EVER posted on my site that takes you out of my site. http://www.vintageguitar.com/1811/ohagan-guitars/ )

Samick Greg Bennet Torino TR-2 $450