AL Pitrelli's Kramer Night Swan (his main guitar)

Al Pitrelli has always found himself in the right place at the right time (not to mention that he is one great player too).  Al broke onto the music scene when he joined the Alice Cooper Band in 1989.  At this time in music bands were singing about expensive drugs, fast cars and fast women.  This didn't fit Alice's type of "tongue in cheek" shock rock.  But Alice's 1989 release of "Trash" was his attempt to compete with young guns of hair rock like Motley Crue and Ratt.  The two songs on the album that become very popular and gave Alice's music career a breath of fresh air were "Poison" and "House of Fire".

Previously, I said that Al is in the right place at the right time.  In case you need some back ground on who he has worked with, well here it goes.  Of course with Alice in 89 to 91.  He started his owned band called Asia from 92 to 97.  And one of my all time favorite bands, SAVATAGE from 95 to 2001.  He has been a part of TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) since 96.  Now Al is the back up guitar player in MEGADETH.  He has also recorded with Doro, Randy Coven, CPR, Widowmaker, and Taylor Dayne.  I would have loved to been his roadie for all of this!

In my opinion, if you are a fan of Al's, this Kramer Night Swan is the most important guitar that Al has used.  This was his main guitar (two humbucker body with Duncans) that he used on tour with Alice.  He did a majority of his recording with it as well.  This was his guitar that he didn't let out of his sight.  While his others we shipped in road cases and handled by anyone, this one has all of the airline tags on it when he went on commercial flights.  This is part of the proof showing that he didn't go any where with out it.  This is the one what is in the "Poison" video as well as the hour and a half long home video called "Alice Trashes the World".  

In the pictures you will be able to see the road ware on her.  The typical dings, but check out how much paint is wore off of the back from the leather pants and belts.

Since I original posted this guitar and the other Night Swan, I have had the chance to meet Al and the rest of Megadeath.  When I showed him the this guitar, he said "I have one just like it at home".  I told him that this was the one that he used on the Trash tour.  He said that he still had it at home.  When I handed it over to him, he looked over the body and said "This is my guitar, and it is stolen from me".  This kind of tightened up conversation a bit.  I then told him that his roadie sold it to a shop on Long Island (where he is from).  I told him the name of his old roadie and the shop where I got if from.  I then asked if he wanted it back since it was stolen, and he looked at me and thought about if for a second, then told me to enjoy it and that he would take care of the other guys when he got back in to town.  This was one of my favorite stories that I have so far when it comes to reuniting the player with there old guitar so far.  



Picture of Al with the guitar and Alice     Picture of Al with the guitar

Photo of Al when he heard how I got the guitar (mouth hung open in disbelief)

Photo of Al signing it      Photo of Al and myself with her