AL Pitrelli's Kramer Night Swan (back up guitar)

This is Al's back up Night Swan.  He had this one for doing clean stuff.  The EMG's are clearer and better for a clean tone, especially with the single coils too.  This one has no where near the amount of ware as his main Night Swan.

If you would like some back ground on Al, please check out the guitar above this one on the main STAR page.  If you have any pictures of Al with this guitar or any video footage, let me know.

When I met Al I had him sign this one too.  If you haven't read the story of when I show Al the first one.  After he got over the thought that he had been ripped off by a friend of his, I show him this one, and same story.  The roadie needed money and sold it out from under him.  He wasn't as attached to this one as he was the other.