Bruce Kulick - B.C. Rich Eagle Supreme 

Every knows Bruce from his days in Kiss, but this is a guitar of his that was made for him in 1998.  So it was used by Bruce in his days with his band that he had with John Corabi called Union.  I was lucky enough to get a few pics of Bruce with the guitar in action, so if you have any more, I would love to see them!!  

This guitar is really a beautiful example of great work under Bernie's watch-full eye.  Probably some of the best quality work was done right before Bernie passed away.  This was one that was at the 98 NAMM show before Bruce got his hands on it.  All mahogany body with the nice quilted maple top, with stringers or course.  Full active electronics, with binding and clouds.  Pretty much all you can do on a BC except for the lack of an arch top.  It is a great player, and wonderful sounding guitar.  



Picture of Bruce with her    Picture of Bruce with her 

Picture of Bruce with the BC, looks like Corabi singing too