Chris Caffery's Jackson Warrior 

Chris Caffery started playing with Savatage in 1989 on there release called "Gutter Ballet".  The band had reached some national success with there previous 1987 release called "Hall of the Mountain King" due to heavy late night MTV play.  The title track to "The Hall of the Mountain King" has become Savatage's signature song that the band is identified with most of all.  Chris was asked to be a temporary second guitarist, but soon was ask to be a full time member of the band because of the chemistry between himself and the band.  The video for "Gutter Ballet" was the turning point in which Savatage became a main stay in fans of metal CD collections.  After Gutter Ballet, Chris did a couple of side projects while Savatage made a three additional albums.  Luckily for Savatage fans, Chris rejoined the band in 1995 for "Dead Winter Dead".  Before he rejoined Savatage, Chris and Jon Oliva (lead singer of Savatage since the beginning of the band) formed a band called "Doctor Butcher".  Butcher is filled with power full riffs and easily the heaviest thing these guys have ever done.  And my absolute favorite Caffery related album. 

I wish I could say that I have been a die hard fan since the first Savatage album, but I can't.  I found out about them when I would stay up late at night and watch MTV.  My first site of them was the "Mountain King" Video.  I said to my self, "this sure is different then Ratt and Dokken, but the guitar work is too cool".  Then a few months later "Gutter Ballet" came out and I was hooked.  My first Savatage show was on the Ballet tour.  I was 13 years old and went to the show with my mother (what a wonderful mom).  We were in the second row too.  That is where this guitar comes in to place.  Chris used this guitar for may years, starting with the Ballet tour and recording sessions.  This was one of his main guitars that he used.  I have a few boot leg videos that show the whole show being played with this guy.  I am looking for some old photos too if you have any.  

She is a Professional series Jackson Warrior.  The bridge pic up has be routed out and replaced with a full size hum instead of the useless two bridge position single coils.  After and additional switch and a removed knob it is ready just the way Chris wanted it.  One of my favorite songs on "Gutter Ballet|" is called "Mentally Yours".  Chris signed the back of her for me "Mentally Yours, Chris Caffery".  

Of all of my guitars that I have been lucky enough to get, this is one of them that mean the most.  Because I am truly a hard core Savatage fan.