Rob Cavestany's Custom Shop Jackson Star Body

Rob was endorsed by Jackson in the late 80's. He also was the guy who designed the shape called "The Death Angle". It was named after his band. This was a custom order neck through star body. It is as rare as the Death Angel guitar, which is the Holy Grail for most Jackson collectors. The neck through star body guitars were really only made for Jackson's endorsees. Rob had two of them made for himself. This one is the white with black highlights and double dot inlay. His other is exactly the opposite, it is black with white and single dot inlay. One other thing about this guitar that is cool, it has the cream binding on the neck and head stock. it looks very cool with the white neck.

I have had alot of emails about him still owning this guitar.  Which is true, Rob does own one just like it as well.  This was a second one that was made for him.  No whether or not this one made it in to his hands is debatable.  I do have an email from Karen (you die hards remember who Karen is) stating that this was one of Robs.  So that should carry some weight.

If any one has a boot leg videos of Rob with this guitar and or magazines with him pictured with it, I would love to get my hands on them to put with the guitar.

Any other information on this guitar and or Rob, would be very appreciated.