Brian Hoffman's Custom B.C. Rich Warlock

Deicide is a Florida based death metal band.  It is really a case that you either love them or hate them. With death metal there is no real in between.  Even if you don't like Deicide, you will not be able to resist Brian's choice in guitars.  He is definitely a guy who knows quality and uniqueness.  I have been lucky enough to buy three custom B.C. Rich's form him.  Two have been played on stage and one has not.  To me this first one is my most important one of all.  It is a transparent green quilt top warlock.  The body is also thicker then normal.   This was the first warlock to have a widow headstock ever.  Also the body is done with extra long points.  It came with a kahler and two EMG's.  Brian was nice enough to write me letter stating some of these facts.

Deicide did a live album called "When Satan Lives".  On the back of the CD case, there is a picture of Eric Hoffman (Brian's Brother) playing it.  They switched back and forth with this guitar because they liked if so much.  The disk was recorded in my home town of Chicago at the Aragon Ball Room.  If any one has any photos of Eric or Brian with this guitar, please let me know.

On December 8th at the Vic Theater in Chicago, Deicide was playing with Morbid Angel.  I was able to bring Brian's guitars back to him to get them signed and photographed.  One of the coolest experiences I have had in collecting guitars so far.  Brian signed it "SATAN LIVES!   Brian Hoffman    Deicide" .  That is pretty cool