Brian Hoffman's - Custom B.C. Rich Warlock

As you read in the first guitar, Deicide is a Florida based death metal band.  This was the second guitar that I received from Brian.  He has only played this guitar for a few local shows that they did in Florida.  There are a few photos of Brian playing her at a friend of mine's house below.   All three of my Deicide guitars in perfect condition.  When you think of death metal, you would figure that the guitars would be beat on, but Brian took better care then I could of done.

This Warlock is transparent red.  She has large abalone diamonds with a rosewood board.  It has black hardware with a Kahler and Grover imperials.  Stocked with EMG's and rosewood stringers with a quilted maple top, mahogany body and maple neck.  Since this is one that Brian didn't play live, I would consider selling it (maybe).

Red is a hard color to photograph with a digital camera, but it is a very nice quilted maple top.

Full shot of the front   Close up of the front    Close up of the front   Full shot of the back

Close up of the back   Close up of the head stock

Picture of Brian with her before he sent it off to me