Brian Hoffman's - Hoffman Model Beast

As you read in the first two guitars, Deicide is a Florida based death metal band.  This was the last guitar that I received from Brian.  On this last summer of 2001 tour, Brian played her on stage.  There are a few photos of Brian playing her below the description.  Brian is the guy who we all need to thank for designing the Beast.  It was Brian's hand and mind that came up with this dark and evil looking metal guitar, not B.C. Rich.  The red Beast with the red fret board that you seen in the catalogue and on their web site, Brian drew it and he actually owns it.  That was the first Beast that was ever made.  

This Beast is transparent black.  It has Brian's signature crown inlays on an ebony board.  Unlike the others it has Dimarzio pick ups, but still with the kahler trem.  Usually I will take off all of the stickers, but in this case, the chrome Deicide sticker on the back is pretty cool.  If any one has any other photos of Brian with this guitar, please let me know.

At the December 8th show, I brought this one for Brian to sign too.  He signed it "Brian Hoffman    Deicide".


Close up of the abalone inlay   Close up of the abalone inlay  

Close up of the Brian's autograph   Picture of Brian signing the Beast

Picture of Brian and myself with the Beast

Picture of Brian with her before he sent her off to me

Picture of Brian playing her live at a show

Another picture of Brian playing her at a show