Jerry Dixon - B.C. Rich Explorer Bass 

One thing you can take away from any of the guys in Warrant, is that they always had the coolest guitars.  Every guitar had a Dan Lawrence graphic on it, and each was different.  They all were set around the same theme (sex), but none the less all different!!  I have been actively hunting down guitars that have been owned and played by Rock Stars since the early 1990's.  I have been very lucky to have sourced alot of guitars that have been in the hands of the warrant guys. 

This guitar is heart breaking.  This was a causality of a crazy stage show.  This bass was tossed in the air, and not successfully caught.  When you get them for free, you kind of stop caring about dings and dents.  This is excessive, but for the show, you will do anything.  If you toss a guitar 20 feet in the air, your fans will talk about you for months.  If you toss a guitar 20 feet in the air and miss it on the way down.... they will talk about it forever.  This BC Rich Explorer bass with a Dan Lawrence graphic, my friends and I will talk about it forever.