Dave Mustain's Jackson Y2KV Proto-type 

Usually I give you some type of back ground on the band and the guitar player that owned the guitar.  But in this case, I am sure no one needs me to give you any background on Dave or on Megadeth.  But this guitar on the other hand does require some explaining.  This was one of the first Y2KV's produced.  It was finished on 6/24/98.  Well before the name Y2KV was even though of.  This version sports some different features that don't appear on the current production models.  From top to bottom: the diamond headstock, LSR machine heads, chrome covered pick ups like a Gibson, three in line knobs, and the very cool Rhoads styled tail piece.

There was actually one that was built 6 months before this one was made, it was white with the diamond head stock and his Kahler trem that he uses.  So that was a blend his KV and a Y2KV.  This charcoal metallic black one is what brought the tune-o-matic style bridge to light on a V body.  But he opted to go with the standard electronics and a normal string through design.

Since Dave have stopped playing guitar (what ever reason you believe), he had been selling off most of his non precious gear.  This guitar was actually given to one of his techs and not purchased through the infamous silent auction site that Dave had running.  On the auction site most of the normal Y2KV's that Dave sold were priced between $7,000 and $11,000.  Weather you believe that these were the actually selling prices or not, is up to you.  I actually don't believe it.  I think it was a scam that Andy and Dave ran to try to jack up the prices on certain prices, but we will never know till the others show up on ebay.  Then we will be able to ask the new owners what they really paid.


Photo that was on the Jackson web site (jacksonguitars.com) taken at the factory