ESP Mirage Signed by George Lynch, Ronnie James Dio and Dave Mustaine

Here are some pics of two of my favorite artist signing a very cool ESP Mirage. In early 2001 Dio and Lynch Mob were on tour together. Lynch was teamed up with Oni Logan (singer on first Lynch Mob album). There set was 95% of the first album "Wicked Sensation". Easily in my opinion George's best playing and best vocal's out of his front man on any of his efforts (even Dokken days). So it was one of the best experiences for me. Then to top if off by hanging out with Lynch on his tour bus at the end of the night for a half hour, that was cool.

Ronnie was back with Craig Goldie, that was a sight to see. No one can pull off all of Dio's different styles of his many guitarist like Craig. I was able to have Dio sign my Mirage and the Rowan Robertson Jackson.

When I went to meet Al Pitreli, Dave Mustaine  was there as well.  I asked him to sign this guitar, He wasn't to cool with signing a guitar that was gonna be signed by the rest of Megadeth, or one that was just buy himself.  But he did any ways.  But no pics with him and myself, not sure why, he just said no?

Mirage from the front   Mirage from the back   Close up of the head stock

Close up of the Tom Anderson pick ups   Close up of the custom wiring

Ronnie signing her      Ronnie and myself 

George signing her     George and myself

Dave signing her    Dave with his normal happy look