Matt Wicklund - Charvel Desolation DX-1 ST 

I know what you are thinking..... What in the world is a pro player doing playing a Chinese made Charvel!!  I thought the same thing too.  Well, that is just what alot of the new guys do now.  Their endorsements are for instruments that can sell to the public, in quantities.  The days of manufactures putting a $3,000 US made guitar in the hands of some one are over.  The population, if they are a fan of some one like Matt, can not afford the US made guitar, but they can a $600 import.  I guess it makes sense.  Luckily Chinese production qualities have increased so much that a guitar like this can satisfy a good player.

I purchased this one directly from Matt in 2013.  He also played in a great metal band called Himsa.  When I bought the guitar Matt was great to deal with, and nice enough to provide some live shots of him and the guitar.