Craig Goldy - BC Rich Warlock

I have been very fortunate to have met some wonderful, and some not so wonderful people in the music industry.  When I met Craig I was very impressed.  Genuine, friendly, polite, and interesting are just a few additives that come to mind when I think of our conversations.  I feel the same way with my few conversations I had with Ronnie.  So I can see why they were together for so long making music together.  Craig got the sense of my love for Dio's music and was generous to sell me 3 of his personal guitars.  These three guitars were actually gifts from Ronnie for Craig, and not the typical endorsement deals where manufactures ship out guitars for players to use and destroy on stage.  These were really gifts that were given from one friend to another. 

This one is a trans black burst.  It has a slightly quilted maple top.  Nothing special with the set up or controls, just a great US made BC.  There are tons of photos out there of Craig and his these warlocks, but I can always use more if you have them!