Tracii Guns - Custom B.C. Rich Firebird 

Tracii had been an Endorsee of B.C. Rich in the late 80's and in to the early 90's.  Tracii is responsible for giving BC the plans for the Gun Slinger.  That is how it got it's name.  When talking with Tracii, he told me that he was given countless guitars from Bernie.  This guitar is one of the coolest guitars that I own.  This was his only B.C. Rich Firebird (so we think). There was actually only around 7 to 10 of these made in total. 

The last time that L.A. Guns came through, I brought him this guitar after the show.  The first words out of his mouth was "where did you get my guitar?".  When I told him that it was on ebay, and I purchased it from the guy who won the auction, he replied "that wasn't just on ebay, that one on ebay was purple."  So his settings for the color control were a bit messed up.  On the work order, it is stated to be an endorsement piece for Tracii Guns.  And it said the there was no charge for it either.  It pays to be endorsed.

Tracii signed it for me "Rock and Roll, Tracii Guns 2001".  In the same night I had him sign the B.C. Rich Les Paul.  

This guitar is done just like a real Firebird (different level pieces of wood).  It has a Floyd.  The head tock is done in dark metallic blue with the blue logo and a reversed head stock.


Picture of the work order - Tracy signed for it too - states "no charge" - wouldn't that be nice.

Picture of Tracii checking her out    Picture of Tracii signing her

Picture of Tracii and myself with the guitar