Tracii Guns Custom B.C. Rich Les Paul Jr.

This was one of B.C. Rich's first Les Paul shaped guitars that they did for Tracii.  This is a direct copy of a Les Paul Jr.  One P90 pick up with a 3 and 3 head stock.  An actual tune-o-matic that Gibson would of used as well.  The color is a light yellow.  It has an oiled finished neck too, so I am sad to say it is a bolt on.  That would make it a perfect find for any fan of B.C. Rich or Tracii Guns, good thing I am of both.  

On June 3 of 2002, I got a chance to meet up with Tracii again.  When I pulled her out of the case, Tracii was pretty much floored to be looking at a guitar that he loved and gave up 10 or so years earlier.  Honestly of all of the people that I have met, Tracii is the nicest people to talk to, hands down the most genuine person.  I took it one step further when I pulled out two pictures from around 88 or early 89 (Tracii still had long hair, he cut it short in late 89 or early 90).  On photo is a studio shot of him with the Les Paul.  The second photo is of Tracii in his house with a bunch of his guitars behind him (the Les Paul is in the back against an amp).  The coolest part of the pic is that Tracii is holding up his dog for the camera!  I took digital pics of the actual photos that I had asked Tracii to sign for me.  These two photos were found for me by a good friend of mine named Brooks Burton.  He runs a great web site dedicated to Phil Collen of Def Leppard at   Thanks for the help with the pictures Brooks.  If any one has any more photos of Tracii with this guitar, please let me know.


Tracii's look of surprise    

Tracii and the Devil's horns  (Tracii and Ronnie James Dio have something in common)

Tracii Signing the Les Paul    Tracii and Steve Riley checking out his old guitars in the photo

A good photo of Tracii with the Les Paul    Tracii and myself with the Les Paul

Signed photo of Tracii, his guitars (my LP too), and his dog  An incredible studio shot of Tracii and the Les Paul