Kelly Nichole's Custom Shop B.C. Rich Thunderbird Bass

As a B.C. Rich fan, I was very please to have the opportunity to pick up any Custom Shop Rich. But to get one that was owned by a player in one of my favorite bands is very cool. This bass was used in the video for "Rip and Tare" off of the "Cocked and Loaded" album. He uses it through the whole video. If any one can provide me with pictures of Kelly with this bass, I will compensate you well.

This bass is a neck through Thunderbird. It has a Kahler trem and EMG pick ups. The spear inlays make her very rare too, as well as the reversed "ultra stock" head stock. And to top it off there is the cool polka dots too.

In January of 2000 after a L.A. Guns show at Riley's Rock House, I was able to meet Kelly and reunite him with his bass (pretty interesting story in its self). Long story short, he signed it "Rip and Tare" and then "Kelly Nicholes". I got to say that I was real lucky to have all of the chips fall into place with this guitar.


Kelly signing the bass after a show January of 2000

Kelly and myself