Tony Cavazo's BC Rich Bass 

Tony Cavazo played in Hurricane in the 80's.  This guitar was owned and used by him in the studio and live.  I don't know much history about Tony or Hurricane, so if you have anything that you can help me add to this I would definitely appreciate it (pictures of them or information about them). There is one cool twist to this story, Tony Cavazo has a brother named Carlos that plays guitar (which every one knows from Quite Riot).  But in Quiet Riot there is Rudy Sarzo playing bass (who I own a guitar from on the Star Page).  Coincidentally, Rudy's brother who's name is Robert plays guitar in Hurricane.  That is a pretty cool connection between the two bands.

The BC Bass is an ash body with a matching veneered head stock.  Check out the logo, they layer more then one of them too look as if there is a shadow.  She came with EMG's and a very cool brass pick up rings.  If you can find a picture of him with it, let me know.  Thanks.