Jackson / Fender Strat Head Signed by All the Members of Ratt

Late February of 2001 Ratt was playing at The House of Blues in Chicago with Enuff Z' Nuff. I was lucky enough to be able to get back stage to hang out with Warren and the guys. I was able to have each of the guys in "The New Ratt" sign my Jackson / Fender guitar.

This guitar is actually a 1999 Fender Road House Strat that was sent to the Jackson Custom Shop to be made in to a Jackson. The neck was shaved down and oiled to feel like a Jackson. The logo was put on a black painted head stock. The pick guard was also redone in a single ply white with the Jake E. Lee two knob set up.

Warren and me   Warren signing

Bobby Blotzer signing   Bobby playing my guitar, how cool is that!

John Carabi signing   Dizzy Pearl signing   Dizzy and me   Bass player signing