Talena Atfield - B.C. Rich Widow Bass 

Talena was the second bass player in the band.  She was not a bass player by trade, but when the bass position opened up in the band her her friend Fallon that was in the band asked her to join.  How could you resist, being a teenager in a singed touring band.  She was in the band from 1999 to 2002.  The split from the band was not the kindest.  You could say that Kittie had a cat fight.  I couldn't resist that one.  Rumor has it that this bass was property of the band, and had to be returned to management when Talena left the band.  That is low and pretty petty.  Then it ended up on ebay, and then landed in my collection from there.

Talena, from what I understand, had two main bass guitars.  This one and an LTD.  So that is a $3500 BC Rich and a $400 LTD!  When doing my research, it loks to be the case, as they are the only ones I can find photos of.  The BC was in the video for "What I Always Wanted".

What is odd about this bass is that it is a down sized widow.  Compared to my DD Verni widow, this is about 6 inches shorter.  So it is just a tiny bit larger then a guitar, but still holds a full scale bass length.