Steve Blaze's Custom Robin Strat

Steve Blaze played in the band Lillian Ax.  They have put out four or five records, the first was in 1988.  They were more of a third generation hair band (guys who copied Warrant who copied the Crue).  There was alot of good talent, but not alot of musical substance.  This was mostly because most of the good topics had all ready been covered by hair bands before them.

This guitar is a great player that was made by Robin.  The graphic reads "NO MUFF TOO TUFF".  The back ground is the symbol for scuba diving (the red flag with the white diagonal strip).  There is also a stick figure type scuba diver performing oral sex on the female stick figure scuba diver.  Pretty cool concept for a graphic.  One hum with a Floyd, you don't get any more 80's then that.


Full shot of the front   Close up of the front    Close up of the back