George Lynch's ESP Kamikaze Proto-type

I purchased this guitar on the Internet. The seller wasn't sure exactly what it was, nor did I. I figured that it was something that was tossed together. After a bit of hunting, it has been found out to be a Kami proto-type. What sets this apart from regular ones is that it 24 frets instead of 22. The fret board goes all the way to the slanted single and then is angled off to butt up against the single. It has an ebony board. The head stock was introducing a new color scheme to George. It is more of a tie die camouflage. George had the neck sanded down on this one like most of his playing guitars too.

In February of 2001 I was lucky enough to find my self hanging out with George on his tour buss after a show in St. Louis. When I showed it to George, he vaguely remembered this odd ball, but couldn't place it definitely (after ten years and many guitars, I can understand that). I asked him sign it and pose for a few pictures. This was the same night I had Dio sign the Rowan Robertson Jackson. That was a night to remember.

George signing it on his tour bus