Mick Mars - Custom Kramer Tele 

Mick Mars doesn't need any explanation about who he is, unlike some of the guys in my collection do.  It is hard to get any more influential and important to 80's rock and roll then Motley Crue.  Mick doesn't get a lot of credit for his guitar playing.  I believe this is do to his laid back personality and lack of egoism.  It is impossible to think of bands from the LA scene and not come up with the three bands that The Crue, Ratt, and Van Halen (two down, one to go) that started it all.  

I am very happy to have a guitar that was used and owned by Mick that was used on my favorite album "Girls, Girls, Girls".  I am sure that every one will agree with me that there is no better strip club song then "Girls, Girls, Girls".  "Wild Side"  would have to be a close second in that race.  This guitar was one of two identical guitars. hey were exactly the same except for the back ground colors.  One was black and this one is Gray.  Mick referred to this guitar as the "Gray Girls" guitar.  The black one was used in the "Girls..." video.  While mine was used in the video for "You're All I Need".  The only footage of Mick in the video is during the solo.  For a guitar that was used all around the world, it is in excellent shape.

Mick gave this guitar to his landscaper (that was some tip).  They had actually become pretty good friends after many years of employment.  So it was more of a friendly gift rather then a tip.  I purchased it directly from the landscaper.    I was very lucky get a few of Mick's personal things in the case with the guitar.  As far as I am concerned, this is one of my top Star Guitars, with out a doubt.   At the end there are a few pics of Mick with the guitar.  When he gave it to the guy, he signed it for him.  It says "Keep Rude Dude   Mick Mars  91".  I am toying with the idea of removing it and having Mick resign it to myself, we will have to see.

Full shot of the front   Close up of the front   Full shot of the back   Close up of the back

Close up of the autograph   Close up of the Klein copyright

Close up of the head stock   Picture of Mick and the front of the guitar

Picture of Mick and the front of the guitar   Picture of Mick and the back of the guitar

Picture of the guitar in a issue of Young Guitar   Picture of Mick and the Guitar at a photo shoot