Tommy Henricksen's BC Rich Bass 

Tommy Henricksen played bass in Warlock on their 1987 release of "Triumph and Agony".  This was the album that they had there biggest (maybe their only commercial hit) which was called "All We Are" - if you heard it you would know it.  After Warlock broke up Doro Pesch asked him to stay with her and do her first solo album which was done in 1989 and called "Force Majeure".   If you know where I can get any photos of him with the bass, let me know.  I also own Tommy Bolan's parts guitar that he played in the "All We Are" video (actually only the body appeared in the video).  So two guitars from the same band, that is pretty cool.

The BC Bass is an alder body with a NYC graffiti graphic.  Tommy was from New York or New Jersey originally.  She was given to a friend of Tommy's when the friend had his bass stolen.  Tommy thought it would be nice to give it to him as a gift.  He had toured with it locally for five or six years, so it definitely has had it share of playing time.  I also got the original case that still had the Warlock stickers on it.

Full shot of the front   Close up of the front   Full shot of the back   Full shot of the original case