Mark Gallagher's Custom ESP Fire Bird

You probably don't know who Raven is, not many do.  Whether this guitar is cool because Mark Gallagher owned or not, it is cool because it is a ESP Custom Shop Firebird.  My knowledge of the History of RAVEN is pretty weak.  They were around in the very late 70's and were fairly popular in the early 80's.  They faded out in the late 80's, quicker then the most of the hair bands.  These guys really were not a make up and hair spray band, may be that is whey they did not go to far at the time?   

This guitar was not used by Mark when they were very active, because it was made around 87 (ESP is good for nothing as far as help goes).  It is a one humbucker firebird, with a full size humbucker, not the mini hum garbage they put in the Phoenix.  One other custom feature is the Explorer head stock.


Full shot of the front   Close up of the front    Full shot of the back with his "6" sticker on it

Close up of the back with out the sticker (I don't like stickers on guitars no mater who put it there)

Close up of the head stock