Dave Amato's Custom Shop Jackson Rhodes V

Dave's V is a one of a kind guitar. I was told that it is the only triple humbucker made by Jackson in a Rhodes. I like this guitar because it was very easy to document. In the 94-95 Jackson catalogue we will see a pic of Dave with the guitar. I also have a pic of him with it on stage while he played for Ted Nugent. 

Another way besides the pictures to prove that it was really his is that it has his name painted on the back of the head stock. I also was given the money order receipts with his name on them. I got it from the guy who bought it form Dave himself.


Full shot of the front   Full shot of the back   Close up of the body's front

Close up of the head stock's front   Close up of the head stock's back

The original hang tag

Picture of Dave and the guitar with Ted Nugent in the back ground

Picture of Dave and the guitar in the 94-95 Jackson Catalogue