Rudy Sarzo's Custom Washburn 8 String Bass

Rudy Sarzo was one of the founding members of Quiet Riot. He had worked hand and hand with Randy Rhodes on the early Quiet Riot albums. He has also been on all of Ozzy's good solo albums. After leaving Oz, he found himself in Whitesnake. Next thing he was working right along side of Vivian Campbell and then Steve Vai. Needless to say he has the skills to work with the best. And of all of my Star Guitars, this is one of my favorite.

This bass was made by Washburn for Rudy. It is an eight string version of his model. I have a copy of a Peavey add that Rudy is in. he is holding the bass. I was also told that Rudy and the bass have been on a few of the Peavey magazines "The Monitor". If any one can get me a copy of those magazines, photos, or any boot leg videos of Quiet Riot with the bass in it, I would be very appreciative.

At a show in December of 2001, I was able to hang out with the guys for a bit.  Rudy was very pleased to see his guitar end up in the hands of a fan, and not destroyed like a normal bass.  He was nice enough to sign her and pose with me for a few pictures.




Peavey add with Rudy and the bass   Close up of Rudy in the add

Picture of Rudy checkcing her out (with Carlos looking on as well)   

Picture of Rudy signing the Washburn   Picture of Rudy and myself with the bass