Tracii Guns Custom B.C. Rich Les Paul (maybe)

I had this guitar for a few months before I got the chance to Tracii again.  When he saw the guitar, he said that he didn't remember having it and using it as one of his players.  He also did say that it is something that he would of had him make for him at the time, because it was a design that he wanted done.  So it could of been on of the many guitars that he got in at one time, so he is not positive.  So I need to try to find a pic of him with it.  Any one have any ideas?

Weather this guitar was his or not, it is still very cool. BC Rich Les Pauls are very rare. This one is a bolt on with a flamed maple top. The neck is maple with a rose wood board. No inlays on her with a pretty rare head stock too.


Picture of Tracii signing her