Tim Kelly's Custom Shop Robin Avalon

Tim Kelly was the original Guitar player in Slaughter. He was endorsed by Robin Guitars in Texas. This was not his normal model that he played. He normally played a Floyd style guitar, but how can you resist a Les Paul every now and then? This guitar has the nicest flame top I have ever seen. I was talking to Dave at Robin Guitars, and he remembers building this guitar for Tim. Dave was able to get me a certificate about this guitar being Tim's.  That was very nice of him to do that for me.  I really appreciate it.

The Robin is a mahogany neck set in to a mahogany body. The top is made of a flamed maple with a rosewood board. The top is extremely thick and was definitely the best piece of wood that was in the house. Tim changed out the pick ups and put in Gibson T-Top pick ups. Since the guitar was made in 1994, we will not see it in any of the videos that made Slaughter popular. We need to go to the last stuff before he passed away. The one photo I have is from a Young Guitar magazine from 1997.  If any one can get me pictures of video tape of him with this guitar, I will reward them very well.