Steve Vai's San Dimas Charvel Strat Head 

from the movie Crossroads

This guitar was one of Steve's (aka Jack Butler) that he used in the movie.  This was more of a stage prop for Steve more so then the one that he played.  If you remember or go back and see the movie, next to his Carvin half stack on the right hand side of the stage, this guitar is sitting next to the amp.  

There is a good story behind this guitar as well.  When Steve was done shooting the movie, he brought the guitar back to Grover.  He wanted the neck that was on her on a different guitar.  Grover (actually someone who worked for Grover) set up the other guitar.  When they put this guitar back together, they used a rosewood board neck.  If you have felt the neck of a Jackson Strat head, it feels just like it (thick board, tall frets, oiled neck, wide across with a slightly narrow front to back).  They logoed it with an endorsement Charvel logo (larger logo so that I would be easier to see in videos and on stage).  So the guitar actually doesn't have the original neck on it when it was owned by Steve, but the body still has some magic left in it.  

To be honest, I have never seen a body like this one either.  It is a trans red finish and with a very light coat of lacquer.  Not the typical thick shell of lacquer that you would normally see.  The body  has finish checking on her like it was an old Fender or Gibson.  In the neck pocket there is a work order number, some initials, and the name "Eric Johnson".  So it is possible that this body was originally made for Eric back in the old days, and then found it's way to Steve.  They have been long time friends, so it is possible. It initially was fitted with a vintage bridge, and the Floyd was added later.  All and all, a great playing guitar with a very cool story behind it.  

Also on the back of the body, there is a sticker that was put on by the movie crew.  It list what lot and what location of the sound stage for Columbia Studio's that goes with Cross Roads.

I have added a photo of Eric playing her.  This is when it had the original maple board on her.  It is out of the December 1988 GFTPM magazine.  Remember, it was after the movie that Steve had Grover Jackson swap the necks.  So in these pictures it has the maple neck on it.  I have also added some pic of it on stage from the movie shoot.

Sticker from the movie set    Picture of Steve with the Charvel in the back ground

Eric Johnson with the original neck on it