Vivian Campbell's Custom Hamer Special 

Vivian Campbell is a guitar god to almost every guitar player that is 28 to 45 years old.  This is because he was one of the guys who at the beginning of it all really got out there and gave each and every one of us something to shoot at.  Vivian's first album with Dio was "Holy Diver" in 1983.  The other two that he played on were "Last in Line" in 1984 and "Sacred Heart" in 1985.  It is easy to say that I am sure that every one who is reading this, owns those three CD's.  If not you must be under 20 years old, and you should go and get them, because that is where a good portion of our music today comes from.

After Vivian stopped working with Dio, he filled in for Adrian Vandenberg (who was always complaining or sick with something) in Whitesnake.   Even though Vandenberg's name is on the inside, it is Vivian who did the work.  After Vivian's stint with Whitesnake, he started his own band call "The River Dogs".  I don't know much about them and with out blowing a whole night, I can't find out much about them.  Next he became a member of Def Leopard.  He was filling for Steve Clark, that had drank himself into the grave (not too bright of an Englishmen).

This is where this guitar comes in.  The bass player for Def Leopard is Rick Savage.  He has been a long time Hamer endorsee.  Hamer built him this custom special to try to win him over to Hamer.  At this time Vivian was putting down the Kramer, and looking for something a bit more "adult - or some thing an old man would play".  Next thing you know, it was a Les Paul.  He used a Tom Anderson for some of the trem stuff, but mostly a Les Paul.  This guitar was the one that was given to him by Hamer.  I have a letter from the manager of the custom shop stating that it was made for and given to Vivian.


Full shot of the front   Close up of the front   Full shot of the back   Close up of the back

Close up of the head stock

Picture of the guitar in an issue of Young Guitar - shows his current Def Leopard rig at the time