Erik Tuner - B.C. Rich Custom Gunslinger 

A very cool guitar even with out it being one of Erik's.  This would of been a guitar that was given to Erik back in the "Dirty Rotten Filthy Sticking Rich" days.  Since that is when the band played B.C. Rich guitars.  It is a one hum gunslinger that is a neck through.  The graphic is a play on the "Body Glove" logo.  The normal Body Glove logo shows a complete hand.  The company makes wet suits.  In this case the logo is a hand giving us the middle finger.  It also refers to "if it's not love, you must ware a glove".  And we all know what glove he is talking about.  On the back it says "Rage Hard".  One of the previous owners had it signed by Erik too on the back.  

I have alot of history with this guitar.  I will make it short as possible:  I was contacted by a guy in Canada who had this guitar as well as 2 other Jackson's for sale.  I sent him half of the money, when he got the money he was to send me the guitars, and I would send him the other half.  He never sent them and went to a pawn shop to pawn them.  After a month of BS, I called the Canadian Police, and luckily one of them took to the case and made it a personal thing to get my money back. He actually knew the dead beat by name.  In the mean time, a customer of mine bought the BC at the pawn shop and tried to sell her to me, while I was still trying to get my money or my guitars from Canada.  

I then told him to hold off and let me know what he wanted for it, he jacked the price up on me.  But I still wanted it, so I told him to let me know when he wanted to get rid of it.  Next thing you know he broke his word and posted her on ebay.  He ended up selling it privately.  Unbelievably, it was sold to another customer of mine. Who after owning it for two years, offered it to me!  This time I sealed the deal and ended up with her.  A long hard fight, but it is worth it!