Jani Lane's Carvin DC125 

Jani Lane was the lead singer for Warrant (one of my personal favorite band's).  I will admit it.  And if any of my big and tough death metal buddies want to arm wrestle, I say any time any where.  I'll even beat you while singing "Cherry Pie".  But back to the guitar.  After DRFSR, their first record, the band switched from BC Rich guitars to Carvins for a short bit.  And then to Ibanez.  This is one of the guitars Jani had Carvin make up for him.  As far as features go, it is really loaded.  It has a pretty thick flamed maple top.  It is super rare to have any fret board material besides ebony, but here it is maple.  Also real abalone dot markers.  A matching reversed head stock tops her off.  All and all, a very cool guitar no matter who owned it.  

The story of it ending up in my hands is like this:  There was a band called War Babies.  They were opening up for Warrant.  At the end of the tour, Jani gave one of the guys a guitar (I am not sure why).  He held on to it for about 10 years and decided sell it.  Lucky as always, I as in the right place at the right time.  If you can find a picture of him with it, let me know.  It is a good story, but still just a story till I end up with some pics!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.