Randy Piper's B.C. Rich Skull Guitar

This guitar was made of Randy in the early 80's by B.C. Rich. It was designed by Randy and a B.C. Rich guitar builder by the name of "Screamin Leamin". Randy was in WASP for their first two albums, "WASP" and "Last Command". This guitar was one of the guitars that he used to record with as well as play live. He used it the videos for "Wild Child" and "Blind in Texas". These two videos can be seen on the home video entitled "WASP, Videos in the Raw". These two songs are actually two the more famous and best WASP songs in my opinion.

I believe this to be the coolest B.C. Rich ever made. It is a neck through with a completely carved body. The head stock is laid out with one machine on one side and five on the other. It also has the "R" logo. It is set up with a Leo Quan Bad Ass with the fine tuner extension. The pick up is a Dimarzio Super Distortion. This guitar has easily become one of my favorites that I own.

If any one has a boot leg videos of Randy with this guitar and or magazines with him pictured with it, I would love to get my hands on them to put with the guitar. As usual, if you help me out, I will try to do the same for you on day. Thanks.


Full shot of the front   Close up of the front   Full shot of the back

Close up of the teeth   Close up of the fire inlay   Close up of the head stock

Close up of the top horn 

Photo of Randy with the guitar with Blackie in the back

Photo of the whole band on stage