Zakk Wylde's Gibson Les Paul Custom

Zakk Wylde is a favorite of mine.  He is a very talented player.  His playing style is different then any one else's. So far he has managed to avoid being cloned by the record industry, but it will soon happen.  In 1987 Ozzy hired Zakk.  Oz didn't want someone to fill Jake or Randy's shoes.  He wanted something different.  He had many pretty boy shredders come in with Jackson V's and pretty guitars.  Bt when Zakk showed up with his beat up Les Paul and a Marshall turned to 11, he blew Oz away with his sound and uniqueness.  After there first album "No Rest for the Wicked"  it was all down hill for Ozzy.  Ozzy just plain and simple got old.  His taste in music go soft and he worried about selling records (No More Tears and Ozzmoisis). 

Zakk's musical taste changed too.  He wanted to get back to his childhood roots of Skynyard and the Allman Brother's.  He formed his own band called "Pride and Glory".  He did an acoustic based solo album call "Book of Shadows".  Now he has his own powerful metal band called "Black Label Society".  Zakk sings and does the guitar work.  Definitely his best work so far. 

This is a really cool "Custom Color Series" Les Paul Custom.  It is actually a transparent white.  The story that I have on this one is that Zakk gave her to one of his guitar students in the early 90's.  It stayed with his student till a friend of mine got it for me from him.  I'll have to met up with Zakk and ask him what the deal is on it.  If you have or know where any more pics of him are with this guitar, or any back ground on it, please let me know .  Thanks